Which is the Important feature of the best vacuum cleaner?

like to perform some little market research from time to time. One of these was completed in my most recent giveaway.  I wanted to check how folks feel about the significance of several vacuum cleaner characteristics, such as brand, suction power, filters, capability, cost, guarantee, and so on.  People had to sort these

choices in the order of their significance.  What has been left for me was to scrutinize these results and put them into a plausible context. But going through all this trouble?  You see, purchasing a vacuum cleaner appears to be such a straightforward job.  But with all these versions in the market, it’s easy to overspend on an underperforming machine.

 Adding to the confusion, vacuum cleaner manufacturers throw in a great deal of jargon and elaborate technology names.  As a wise consumer, you have to cut through the marketing crap and make an informed judgment.  The trick to achieving that is to be aware of the various units and variables that produce a good vacuum cleaner”good.”  And also, a great start is to understand what people cherish the most.  The general

public has a pearl of undeniable wisdom which you, as a purchaser, should understand, and you, as a seller, should take under consideration.  Without further ado, here are my findings, based on a sample of 100 individuals.Here’s how the chart looks like, counting only the first location: As you may see, surprisingly, the filters and the power of the dust bin were not put on the surface of the list by anybody.

The price is well behind, and also the brand is sold the 3rd place.  However, by rewarding the very first spot with 8 points, the next area with 7 points, and consequently the last place with 1 point, we’ve got a different image.  Here are the final scores obtained from the second method:

1. Suction power


3. Filter


5. Warranty


7. Accessories

8. Size of the dust bin

As you can notice, filters are a favorite second/third alternative.  All these are the things that individuals consider the most crucial, listed in descending order:

1. Suction Power

Many people become caught up in the amperage or wattage of a vacuum cleaner. These are good indicators of how much power the specific model consumes, and it says nothing about the suction strength. The problem with suction power is that different manufacturers exhibit different units. E.g., the most usual suction power unit when talking about robot vacuums is Pascal. Shop-vacs get rated in” peak HP,” while upright vacuums are often placed in AWS. Let us take one and chat about it (the principle is the same for the others). Pascal is a measurement of stress. The device is used to assess

the pressure difference between the normal atmospheric pressure and the
inner pressure of a vacuum cleaner. More the difference, the stronger the suction power. For reference, the latest Xiaomi robot vacuum is accompanied by an exceptional suction power of 2000 Pa, while other robot vacs linger about 300Pa… Units with low suction power usually face no trouble picking up dust from hard surfaces, but they cannot suck the dirt from carpeting and other cloth surfaces. Therefore, you may compromise a bit on suction power if you want your vacuum to clean hardwood floors exclusively.


However good a particular version is, it really doesn’t matter whether it’s priced beyond your budget.   Well, that ultimately depends on your willingness to invest. If you’ve got a somewhat flexible budget, then the price isn’t so significant. However, if you are working on a tight budget, then it’s ideal to look out for a model that provides the best value.  If you’re trying to find a regular vacuum                          

cleaner, check out my top of inexpensive vacuums.  If you are in the market for a robot vacuum cleaner, Chinese brands like Xiaomi and Haier usually pack in a lot of attributes, and they’re proven to undercut the American brands concerning price.  If you are seeking corded uprights and cordless handhelds, then equally, Shark and Dyson models are pretty competitively priced.  If your primary aim is to spend less, it’s ideal to wait for events like Black Friday.

3. Filtration System

The dirt and debris sucked in by a vacuum cleaner remain within the dust container due to its filters. This usually means a vacuum using a flawed filtration system will let dust out through its exhaust vent. HEPA filters do a superb job of filtering dust out since they can filter out 99.97% of airborne particles measuring 0.3 microns or more extended.

Manufacturers know that clients recognize the”HEPA” acronym, so they try to deceive customers using HEPA-Like and HEPA-Type words. When it is a true HEPA filter, producers typically mention it as True-HEPA or HEPA filter. If you or one of your relatives suffers from a dust allergy, purchasing a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter is a complete requirement.


It always makes sense to remain clear of dishonest brands offering excellent discounts on Amazon and other shopping websites.  A product may seem significant on paper. However, the total durability and performance depend a good deal on the production standard.  If you’re trying to find reliability over everything, it is ideal to stay with brands like Shark, Dyson, Neato, and iRobot. Additionally, it is advisable to prevent unidentified Chinese manufacturers.  In case you need to go Chinese, then stick with famous companies like Xiaomi or iLife.


A lengthy warranty period proves that the company has faith in its product. Warranty is pretty much worthless until the time your vacuum cleaner stops working. This means if your vacuum cleaner goes split after three years, then it does not matter whether it arrived with a 2-year or even 1-year warranty. It’s similar to insurance. With that being said, it will make

sense to buy insured models over an extended warranty period. While purchasing a vertical model, anything more than three years must be considered above average. With lots of moving parts, robot vacuums usually include a typical 1-year limited warranty. If it comes to warrant, it’s ideal for checking if a company is offering the industry standard.


Weight is an essential element when you’re purchasing a rod or a cordless version. This is because most modern full-sized uprights sit along with wheels that make maneuvering them reasonably simple. There’s also no point fretting about the weight of a robot vacuum cleaner,

provided that it is providing an excellent cleaning operation. But, cordless versions are intended for one-handed usage. Hence a heavier machine will wind up straining your arms faster than others. I propose using this as a benchmark when estimating the weight of other cordless versions.

7. Accessories

Apart from the Vital accessories like the beater brush and the crevice tool, a couple of add-on attachments make life a lot simpler. A motorized pet tool is an excellent addition for those who have pets. Some manufacturers even include cleaning tools that Enable you to clean

the Beater filters and brush. Extensible wands are always a Fantastic idea if You also Strategy to use your vacuum cleaner to get above-the-floor cleans. Although the Participants did not love the accessories the same way they did with, E.g., the suction ability, they are a significant part of the pro duct, over an attachment.

8. Bin Capacity

Robot vacuums usually have a few dust tank sizes, with only a couple of robots such as the Neato Botvac and the Haier Xshuai HXS that come with dust tanks measuring 20 ounces or more. The demand for a larger dust tank boils down to the size of your house and the kind of dust that your vacuum needs to pick up. If you have pets that shed hair, purchasing a

cleaner using a bigger tank size is always justified. With a couple of exceptions, the dust cup size matters when you’re buying a robot vacuum. Mainly because clearing out the tank requires human intervention at a mostly automated cleaning procedure. Upright vacuums need you to perform challenging work. Thus clearing the tank becomes just another task. Although this feature came out on the last location, it shouldn’t be neglected.


The essential element when picking a vacuum cleaner is judging your requirements. While attributes like suction power and filtration system are imperative, it is best to recognize your home’s unique cleaning requirements and purchase a design that fits into that bracket. I hope that I helped with this piece and I want you a happy shopping!