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The best robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair under $200

best robot vacuum

Best Robot vacuum cleaner under $200 take the hassle out of cleaning your home. Instead of lifting a heavy upright vacuum around and pushing it across every surface of your floor, you can press a button or ask Alexa/Google Home to get your robot started. Robot vacuums aren’t able to eliminate the need for an upright vacuum. However, they can reduce the number of vacuuming sessions that must be done, making them more of a chore than a routine task.

Price is the most important factor in deciding whether to buy a robot vacuum. In the past, the best robot vacuum cleaner was available for under $200. These robot vacuums are becoming more popular because they offer many features that you didn’t know existed. Also, the cost of these gadgets has dropped dramatically as more competitors have entered the market. Our pick for the best robot vacuum cleaner under $200 has been compiled.

Keep in mind that Prime Day offers will be available that you might be interested in. The Prime Day robot vacuum deals will include even more models, which is sure to be below the $200 threshold.

Top 6 best robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair pick up


Eefy Robovac 11s Max

yeedi k600

Shark ION Rv871

Kyvol Cybovac E20

Yeedi K600

Kyvol Cybovac E20

Kyvol Cybovac E20

Ilife V3s

iRobot Roomba675

Eufy by Anker | BoostIQ Robovac 11s Max hard floors and pet hair pick up Robot Vacuum

Eufy Robovac 11s

The best robot vacuum cleaner under $200 on the market are the Eufy RoboVacs. These robot vacuums are small and attractive. They’re also easy to use. Eufy’s 11S Max robot vacuum is an upgraded version of its small, slim and attractive model. Eufy claims it has a maximum suction power of 2 Kilopascals. The Coral vacuum produces 2.7 kPa, while a handheld vacuum may produce around 1.7kPa. The vacuum’s brushes will start to rotate slower on high-pile carpeting. This causes the fan motor to increase the vacuum’s suction power. It’s small and light, but it does a great job cleaning dog hairy carpets.

The main problem with the 11S Max is its outdated navigation technology. Instead of using mapping software, the 11S Max uses bounce navigation technology. This sends the bot randomly around your house until the battery is exhausted.

Bounce technology was a standard feature in budget robot vacuums a few years back. Robot vacs are now much cheaper and come with mapping software. This is an even more efficient, thorough, and cost-effective way to clean your home.

The 11S Max best robot vacuum cleaner is an excellent option if your budget is under $200. However, if you have the budget to spend a little more, you might consider a smart vacuum.

Lust for Life

The 11S Max is almost identical to the 11+. It measures 2.85 inches high and slim enough to fit under my sofa. There are no red laser eyes or gun-turrets peeking out from the glass top. It was easy to set up. I simply plugged it in and put the batteries into the remote. It ran for two hours, and it took just over four hours to charge.

The dustbin holds a respectable 0.6 liters. I filled the best robot vacuum cleaner under $200 up with dog hair each time I used it. Although there is no indicator to let you know when the dustbin is full, Eufy says that most people will be able run it two to three times to refill it.

It is quiet for a vacuum with so much suction. It measured at 60 decibels for hardwood and 60 to 65 on carpet depending on whether BoostIQ was turned on. Referring to the 60 decibels, it was enough for me watch Fleabag’s season finale while it was being cleaned.

The 11S Max did a better job of navigation than its predecessor thanks to drop sensors and infrared. It avoided the step in my kitchen, and it navigated out of bot traps like the ones my children had stacked in a corner.

It was actually only shoelaces hanging from the shoe rack and an accent table with a domed bottom that caused it problems. I had to move the 11S Max’s energy and time spent ramming up against the base of the table so that it could vacuum. My daughter’s long hair and mine didn’t make it difficult to vacuum the carpet.

Edge-cleaning is possible with the 11S Max. If you set it to auto-clean, it will combine random and edge-cleaning paths. It did follow some edges, such as under my kitchen cabinets or along a wall. It bounced happily again after the cabinet was closed. I found debris in high-traffic areas, such as under the chairs of my children at the kitchen table and by my shoe rack.

Against Apps

Some people find it a bonus not to download another app to connect their robot vacuum to the home network. This Eufy best vacuum cleaner under $200 WiFi-free baby monitor was a perfect example of this feeling. Sometimes, it’s a revelation to plug in a device to use it.

The 11S Max comes with a single button to turn it on. However, it also includes a remote that needs two AAA batteries. You can use the remote to control the manual directional controls and other functions such as increasing the suction power, returning the vacuum to its dock, and spot cleaning. The remote can be used to schedule cleanings, but not daily or weekly as with Eufy’s WiFi-enabled vacuums.

The 11S Max is easy to use and simple overall. However, I can’t believe how outdated and inefficient bounce-cleaning is. The 11S Max was run for two hours. I found the battery in my bedroom when it finally died.

It beeped for quite a while, trying to find the door. It had about the same chance of finding its way back to dock by accident as I had of finding Atahualpa’s Incan treasure on a chart. Its pathetic attempts made me numb to it, so I grabbed it and returned it home. It died in my hands as the button flashed. It was like watching the final scene of Where the Red Fern Grows.

A mapping vacuum is more effective at edge-cleaning; it can clean your entire house and return to the dock to recharge. However, it was just not worth the effort to remove all the Band-Aids, ribbon, and other debris from my home and hope that a random robot path will pass over them. Instead, it’s worth not starting the robot vacuum, leaving it to do errands, and hoping that the bot will return home.

After about a week, I was able to use the best 11S Max robot vacuum cleaner under $200 for a quick touch-up before friends arrived. I could press the quick clean button for 30 minutes to send the 11S Max on an emergency sweep of dog hair tumbleweeds. I washed dishes, cleaned the words, and swiped at my bathroom mirror to show our friends that our house wasn’t a malarial swamp.

The 11S Max robot vacuum is excellent for this task. The suction power combined with the carpet brush made it easy to move my carpets sufficiently to fill a couple of bins with dog hair. In addition, it is quiet and attractive enough not to scare my 2-year old.

  • Great navigation
  • Its slim profile allows it to fit under most furniture
  • Carpets are pulled more dirt by increased suction
  • App control not available
  • There are no room-mapping abilities
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Shark ION Robot Rv871 wi-fi and voice control vacuum cleaner

Shark ION Robot vacuum Rv871

There are many robot vacuums available today, with a few different manufacturers. Shark is one of these manufacturers. Shark has produced many different vacuum cleaners as well as home devices.

We’ll be reviewing the Shark ION Rv871 Robot Vacuum. This review will help you learn more about the robot vacuum and decide if it is a good fit for you.

What does The Shark ION Robot Vacuum have to offer?

Anyone who has used a robot vacuum before will recognize the design. It is circular and has three buttons at the top that correspond to different modes or settings.

Although the design isn’t unique, it works. It works well and provides an easy, simple experience. The three buttons at the top of the vacuum include “Clean,” “Dock,” and “Max.” These features are easy to access, making it a very convenient way to access them.

You don’t have to rely on these buttons. Instead, you can use your phone, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. The Shark Clean app will be your main source of information when you use these devices. Shark Clean is a great app that lets you create a customized cleaning schedule for your robot vacuum. You can also adjust the cleaning mode according to the surface being vacuumed.

Shark Clean can be used to schedule the robot vacuum’s on/off times. Spot Mode can be used to clean a specific spot.

The robot vacuum moves across your floors using a Multi-Surface brush roll. This brush roll can be used on both hard floors (such as concrete or hardwood) and soft floors (such as carpets or rugs). It is very versatile and can be used on any surface.

Another set of brushes is also available. These are the Edge & Corner Brushes. These brushes are found on the sides and move along with the robot vacuum to loosen dirt, dust, and other debris.

It is great for both hard and thin floors. It works by reaching in to remove dirt, dust, or other debris, then pushing them through the vacuum into a high-efficiency filter. After the debris has passed through the filter, it flows into the dustbin. After vacuuming is complete, empty the dustbin.

This robot vacuum is ideal for carpets that require to be vacuumed. It is not ideal for thick or dense carpets. These carpets cannot always vacuum properly due to the robot vacuum’s suction power and brush system.

The Shark ION R87 Robot Vacuum is great because it’s easy and convenient to use. You will not be lost or confused by the app’s features.

It’s convenient and easy to use, but it also comes at a low price. You get a pleasant and simple vacuuming experience for the price. This is a simple experience that results in clean, beautiful floors.

This robot vacuum is not the right one for you if you’re looking for a powerful and reliable robot vacuum. This robot vacuum is a great choice if you’re looking for a vacuum that’s affordable, simple to use, and powerful enough to handle most vacuuming tasks.

  • Controllable power, cleaning, and control
  • Provides strong suction.
  • You can also set up optional cleaning schedules through the app
  • The machine is quite quiet at a noise level of 62 dB.
  • It’s relatively affordable for its features.
  • Smartphone connectivity via Wi-fi
  • Sometimes it gets stuck in corners, and may be repeating the exact same actions repeatedly.
  • It could smash into furniture and walls.


The Shark ION Rv871 robot vacuum is a fantastic choice! It is affordable, easy to use, and offers efficiency and convenience.

This is a great choice if you’re looking for something similar. This may not be the best choice if you’re looking for something more complex and feature-rich.

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Yeedi k600 Deep cleaner for pet hair,hard floors and carpet

robot vacuum yeedi k600

In the past few years, robot vacuums have become more sophisticated. They have become more complex, some would argue. The Yeedi K600 was designed for such people. It has a simple, basic feature set that is well-suited for first-time users of robot vacuums and anyone who needs a household helper.


The K600 is 13×12.8×3.1 inches in size and weighs just over 6.5 pounds. The auto-cleaning feature is activated by pressing a single button on the scratch-resistant glass cover. On the underside of the vacuum are two spinning side brushes and a V-shaped nylon-and rubber rolling brush. These help to remove dirt and pet hair. The vacuum can maneuver on all-terrain thanks to its two drive wheels and Omni-directional support wheel. The vacuum comes with a 0.6-liter dustbin. Accessory items include:

An AC power brick and charging dock.

Remote control.

•        Two AAA batteries.

•        A multi-function cleaning brush.

Performance and setup

The K600 preparation is easy. First, attach the two side brushes. Next, turn on the power switch. The charging dock should be plugged into an outlet. After that, you can place the vacuum on one of the dock’s charging pins. It takes approximately four hours to fully charge the K600 and provides 110 minutes of cleaning time. When the battery runs out or when it completes a cleaning cycle, it will return to its dock.

The button on the vacuum’s top or the remote control can be used to start a cleaning cycle. There are three cleaning modes for the K600. Auto-cleaning can be activated either from the vacuum or via the remote control. This will create a carpet-specific cleaning pattern. The vacuum can be activated twice by pressing the button. This will double its suction power. The remote can only select Edge or Spot mode. These modes clean around the perimeter of a room or in an area with concentrated dirt. The remote can be used to control the vacuum by pressing the directional buttons. The K600 was used for daily maintenance on my downstairs level. It includes hardwood, carpet, and throws rugs.

Although it did a good job cleaning up food crumbs and dust from all surfaces, I found that turbo suction was needed to remove pet hairs. Although the vacuum’s random cleaning patterns aren’t very efficient, I found that some areas needed more attention than others. It was able to transition from one type of floor to another easily and did not get stuck on any obstacles. However, I had to declutter the entire floor without any boundary control (magnetic tape for example). It was stuck on a piece of throw rug that had been pulled up from the floor the few times it got stuck. It would then stop and continue to beep. To resume cleaning, I just had to reposition it and hit the Auto button. It is large enough that I only needed to empty it once per cleaning cycle. The dustbin pulls out easily with a push of the release button. It opens quickly and doesn’t let go of any dust when empty.

  • Priced to fit your budget
  • Easy setup and operation
  • Multiple cleaning methods
  • App control not available
  • Virtual boundaries are not supported

Last thoughts

The Yeedi K600 vacuum cleaner is a great choice if you need a simple, effective vacuum that can clean small spaces.

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Kyvol Cybovac E20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Kyvol Cybovac E20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Let’s do away with the chore of cleaning, and let’s enjoy our family time together. The Kyvol Cybovac Cybovac E20 Robot vacuum cleaner can clean non-stop for up to 150 minutes. It has a 2000Pa mighty suction power. It is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. The battery will automatically charge when it runs low. You will be pleased with the cleaning performance.

Key feature:

* 2000Pa Suction

* Runtime: 150 minutes

* Boundary Strips Included

* Super-Thin, Quiet

* Self-Charging

* Works with Alexa

* Perfect for pet hair

* Hard Floors and Carpets

* Virtual no-go lines

* Troubleshooting alarm

* App to find your robot

* Create a cleaning schedule wherever and whenever you’re there

* Carpet suction power booster

* Support Alexa & Google Assistant

Description of the product:

They have a 2000Pa suction power and are suitable for both hard floors and medium-pile carpets. The Kyvol Cybovac Cybovac Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a unique design for daily cleaning. It can clean all kinds of dust, hairs, and cat litter from your carpet, under furniture, and in your room. The Kyvol robotic vacuum cleaner is a 2.85-inch slim body. It is thin enough to reach all corners of your house.

150 minutes Runtime & Self Charging

The robot vacuum cleaner has a 3200mAh high-capacity battery and a charging base. The robot could work continuously for approximately 150 minutes (maximum) to clean the entire room, from the living area to the bedroom. It will return to its charging base automatically if the battery gets low (light turns orange).

Smart App & Voice Control

The Kyvol app allows you to create and modify a cleaning schedule, set the cleaning mode, adjust the direction of the vacuum, and more. You can use voice commands to control the robot’s start and stop times using Alexa or Google Assistant. Robots can help you save time and energy.

3 Cleaning Modes and Adjustable Suction Power

The E20 Smart vacuum robot cleaner supports three cleaning modes, including spot cleaning, automatic cleaning, and edge clean. You can switch between the different modes and power settings as often as you like. It will also automatically increase suction power when placed on the carpet. This ensures a cleaner result.

2000Pa Amazing Suction Power

The “Kyvol Cybovac” vacuum cleaner has a mighty suction power of 2000Pa. It can clean up the dirt from carpet and wood floors. All your needs are covered.

It Cleans Better, Lasts Longer

A larger battery can support 150 minutes of work time and cleans more places with a single charge. The best robotic vacuum in the world uses the most powerful battery and has multiple protections to protect it. This ensures that it is durable and safe.

Establish no-go areas

Magnetic boundary strips can be used to define No-Go zones. The Cybovac E20 robot vacuum cleaner can only clean one area or room at a time.

Large Washable Dustbox

The 600ml dust container in the Kyvol Cybovac E20 robotic vacuum cleaner can hold more dirt and dust. It is washable, and you can easily remove any remaining dust. The HEPA filter is included to make cleaning easier.

Automated Recharge

E20 Robot vacuum cleaner automatically recharges at the charging station when it runs low. This ensures that it is always clean and ready to go.

No Bumping, No Falling

The Kyvol Cybovac E20 robot vacuum uses high-precision infrared sensors and advanced anti-collision and drop-sensing technology to avoid falling downstairs or edges.

  • Suction power up to 2000Pa
  • Carpet Boost
  • Remote control, app, and voice control are supported
  • Slim profile with a low profile
  • Quiet
  • Magnetic boundary strip included
  • No laser navigation or smart mapping
  • Sometimes, it can be not easy to get back to base
  • It is a bit difficult to manually drive the vehicle with the app/remote controls
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Ilife v3s pro Robot pro Automatic self-charging Robot vacuum cleaner

Ilife v3s prorobot

What vacuum cleaner do you require? The iLife V3s Pro robot vacuum cleaner can do what it was designed to do, which is remove pet hair. The $160 V3sPro is a great deal for multi-pet households who want to spend less cleaning and have more time playing with their pets. You might want to consider other options if you have thick rugs in your home. However, if your floors are primarily tile or hardwood with a few thin rugs, this robot vacuum is worth the price of $200.


Although the iLife V3s Pro is very similar to its sibling, the iLife V5s Pro has a white plastic cover with black and white bumpers. The V3s Pro is 3 inches tall, and the slightly raised lip at the front keeps it from reaching places where it could get stuck. The V3s Pro has two three-spoke brushes. They spin while the vacuum is running and help loosen debris and guide it towards the robot’s gullet. The V3s Pro, like other iLife robot vacuums, does not have a rotating roller brush. Instead, it uses a 3-inch suction opening to funnel debris into the dustbin. Under the white cover, the dustbin is shaped like a lunchbox and has a bright yellow handle.

Although the V3s Pro does not have a roller brush, it is easier to clean and maintain the bot. However, the V3s Pro was unable to pick up large pieces of dirt on low-pile carpets. Robot vacuums with a roller brush such as the Shark Ion R85, our favorite overall robot vacuum, did a better job.


The iLife V3s Pro, like other non-connected robot vacuums, is easy to set up. The V5s Pro was easy to set up. All you had to do was plug it in, turn the power switch and charge it. The power adapter can be used with both the robot and the base. It’s an added protection if your dog steals the small plastic base. The iLife V3s Pro offers three cleaning modes: whole floor, edge, and spot. This allows the vacuum to spin slowly as it focuses on a single area.

Cleaning performance

Despite being a budget vacuum, the iLife V3s Pro’s cleaning power on hardwood floors was amazing. As it wound its way around our baseboards, the machine picked up tiny pieces of onion skin. It approached obstacles and walls slowly, much like its V5s Pro sibling. Although it isn’t always perfect, its slow approach to obstacles reminded us of premium vacuums like the iRobot Roomba i7.

Without a second thought, the V3s Pro vacuumed up a thick layer of breadcrumbs that we sprayed horizontally onto its path. After a few passes, all the breadcrumbs had disappeared. The iLife V5s Pro, on the other hand, spread the crumbs all over and didn’t capture them all, leaving a gritty floor.

The iLife V3s Pro performed well in lab tests. The robot scored 100% on our hardwood pet hair test. The V3s Pro, out of all the robot vacuums that we tested, was the only one to achieve perfection in this test. The robot vac performed equally well on carpets when it came to picking up pet hair. It picked up 99%, with just a hair (pardon for the pun), less than the iLife V5s Pro, which had a 99.5% rate. It performed better than the Eufy RoboVac 11s, which could only clean up 75% of pet hair.

The iLife V3s Pro performed almost flawlessly on hardwood floor tests. It picked up 99.8% of all the Cheerios and kitty litter it was given, as well as pet hair. This score is the best average hardwood floor test result of all robot vacuums we tested. The V3s Pro did a little better on carpet cleaning, picking up an average of 94% of the dirt. The Shark Ion R85, however, was the best vacuum, cleaning carpets at a remarkable 97.2%. The iLife V3s Pro performed its lab-test cleaning runs in 1 hour, 31 mins, and 1 second. The speedy robot is 9 minutes faster than the iLife V5s Pro but slower than the Eufy RoboVac 11 (average cleaning time 1 hour 18 minutes) and Shark Ion R85 (1 minute 01). It was also 40 minutes slower than the average robot vacuum cleaning time of 1 hour, 50 seconds.

The iLife V3s Pro is a powerful cleaner, but the logic behind its movements was not always clear to us. The machine loved cleaning under our couch and the foyer. The vac only made one pass in the foyer, even when we tried to get it to go into the kitchen. The robot wandered for a while under the couch when we tried to return it to its dock using the remote control. We were able to use the remote’s arrow controls to retrieve the robot.

The iLife V3s Pro’s noise level was 64.1 decibels in the lab. This is slightly higher than the Eufy RoboVac 11s (62.5 decibels) and the quiet 59.9-decibel iLife V5s Pro (59.9 decibels). It was also obvious to us. It was difficult to hear the “Billions” scheming and trading over the noise of the vac.

  • Superior pet hair-cleaning performance
  • Outstanding performance
  • Inexpensive
  • Loud
  • Inconsistent cleaning patterns

Last thoughts

The iLife V3s Pro robot vacuum is the best choice for pet owners and budget-minded people. The iLife V3s Pro, which costs $160, is a great choice even if you don’t have much money. The V3s Pro isn’t able to send you alerts or limit your cleaning to certain rooms. However, it excels in the most important feature of a robot vacuum: its actual cleaning ability. Although the Eufy RoboVac 11 has a lower profile, it is more capable of moving under furniture. The V3s Pro provides better performance and a lower price. The iLife V3s Pro robot vacuum is undoubtedly one of the most affordable.

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iRobot Roomba675 wi-fi connectivity Robot vacuum cleaner

iRobot roomba675

The iRobot Roomba675 is a great place to start if you are new to robot vacuums. iRobot is a well-known brand, and the Roomba675 is their most affordable model with WiFi connectivity. It adjusts automatically to different floors, is quick and easy to use, and rarely gets stuck. Although it lacks the features of pricier models, such as the ability to map your house and create virtual boundaries, it can be controlled via voice or app. It also allows you to schedule cleaning times and allow you to control when you vacuum. This robot vacuum is a great introduction to robotic vacuums, and it’s our Editor’s Choice for entry-level models.

Design and Installation

The Roomba 675 is 13 inches wide and 3.7 inches tall. Although it is one of the tallest robot vacuums that we have tested, it can still pass under most furniture. The Eufy RoboVac 11s is a 2.8-inch model. The Eufy RoboVac30C is a 2.9-inch model.

It has two multi-surface brush heads at the bottom. The first loosens and lifts dirt, while the second pulls it into the suction channel. One edge-sweeping side brush is also included for corners. It is protected from falling downstairs or at other edges by several cliff sensors.

It is easy to set up the Roomba675. Simply plug the base into the wall and remove the battery pull tab. Then, place the charger on top. iRobot recommends that the base be placed at least 1.5 feet from any objects on either side and at least 4 feet from anything.

Although the robot is partially charged when it arrives, iRobot suggests waiting for three hours before charging again. The battery status can be checked by pressing the Clean button at the top. Amber indicates that it is still charging, and solid green signifies that it has fully charged.

While you wait, you can download the iRobot Home App (available for Android or iOS) and either create an account or log in if you already have one. After you’ve done that, the app will create a list of robots to add to the account. Simply select the Roomba 675 and follow the instructions for connecting it to your WiFi network.

Although the vacuum does not come with remote control, you can use the app to control it or voice command via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Select Smart Home in the iRobot App, then choose Alexa/Google Assistant. Follow the instructions to link your accounts. Once you have connected them, you can use your voice to start or stop cleaning jobs.

iRobot App

The app is simple and intuitive. There’s a Clean button in the middle, tabs at the bottom for History, Help, Schedule, Settings, and Help.

You can choose which days of the week and when you want it cleaned in the Schedule. It ran smoothly from Monday to Friday at 7 a.m., and on weekends at 9 a.m. It might be a good idea to set it when you know you will be away from the house, as the Roomba 675 can be quite loud. (more details in a moment).

The History section shows a list of the 30 most recent jobs created within the past 90 days. It also displays lifetime stats such as the number of cleaning jobs performed, and the time spent cleaning and the number of times Dirt Detect was activated. This allows the cleaner to concentrate its efforts on highly soiled areas. It will clean the area until it detects fewer dirt particles.


The Roomba 675 may not be suitable for those with sensitive ears. It is louder than any other robot vacuums that I have tested and my Dyson V8 Animal+. It was so loud that I had to stop it during a Zoom call because it could be heard in another room even though my office door was closed. In that respect, it’s almost like an old-school vacuum.

The Roomba 675 is fast, efficient, manoeuvres through obstacles with ease, and can traverse different types of flooring with ease. Bradley, my dog, tends to leave bits of partially-chewed beef hide bones on the floor. The Roomba 675 rolled over the Bradley’s partially chewed beef hide bones without any problems. The Roomba 675 also handled long curtains in some rooms. Other vacuums would get stuck on them, but not the Roomba 675. The vacuum was able to adjust to my hard flooring, medium- and low-pile carpets, as well as tile in my home.

The app doesn’t allow you to map your homes like the more expensive Roomba S7+ or S9+. iRobot sells a physical Dual Mode Virtual Wall barrier for $59.99 or a two-pack of $99.99 that can be used with the Roomba 675 to give you greater control over where it cleans.

The Roomba 675’s battery life was 104 minutes. This is more than Roomba’s 90-minute estimate. This solid result edges out the similar-priced Eufy RoboVac30C (90 minutes) and iLife 9 (102 minutes).

When the vacuum is done or the battery runs low, it automatically docks in the base station. However, it failed to make it back in any of the three tests. It has a handle to carry it back to the base station if it doesn’t make it there.

The robot cleaned my floors for over 100 minutes. It collected dust, hair, and even some beef hide bones. Although my floors were cleaner than before, I did notice some debris on the carpet.


iRobot recommends that you clean your Roomba 675 after every use. The bin should be cleaned once a week, and the filters and brushes should be cleaned twice a week if you have pets. You should clean the charging contacts, cliff sensors, side brush and cliff sensors once a month. The robot comes with a cleaning guide.

It is simple to empty the bin. Simply press the bin release button at the top of your machine, slide it out and then open the bin door and empty the contents into the trash. You can then slide the filter out and tap it against the ground or your trash can to clean it. iRobot recommends replacing the filter once every two months and the brushes once every six to twelve months. You can purchase replacement parts from iRobot’s website, including a 3-pack of filters, for $24.99. Two filters are included with the robot. This should give you at least four months of use.

Dust allergies make it difficult for me to empty the bin. Although this is an unfortunate side effect of most vacuums, you might consider the s9+ or i7+, which both have their dustbin.

  • Rarely does anything get stuck
  • Voice control and app support
  • Allows for scheduled cleanings
  • Automatically adapts to different floor surfaces
  • Focuses on areas that are heavily polluted.
  • Does not always return to its base station after it is finished
  • Some debris was left on the carpet during testing
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The Roomba 675 is an excellent choice for those who are new to robot vacuums.